Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees, 1:05 PM ET **Game Chatter/Live Blog**

It's the first spring training game of the year, and it's on YES! I'll try and live blog a bit as it goes along for those who can't watch.

Yankee win probability: -100.0%

One minute into the first game and I'm already tired of Michael Kay...

Pitching matchup is Paul Maholm vs. Chad Gaudin. According to Kay, Gaudin's battling for the fifth spot in the rotation. That's about as true as me battling for Adriana Lima.

Top of the first
And we're off. Gaudin pitching to Andrew McCutchen. Guadin hit 92 on his last pitch. McCutchen grounds one up the middle, Ramiro Pena gets to it but can't get it to first in time.

Bad pickoff throw moves McCutchen to second, then Akinori Iwamura grounds back to Gaudin. Kevin Maas Garret Jones up now. He pops one to CF and Curtis Granderson grabs it. Yay Curtis! Ryan Doumit up. A grounder to Teixeira ends it. Gaudin faced three lefties and got them all out.

Bottom of the first
Derek Jeter leads it off. He grounds out to short, and here's Granderson.
Batting second? I would have him bat fifth and put Nick Johnson here. He grounds out.

YES just ran a very interesting graphic. Apparently Granderson didn't do very well against lefties last year.

Teixeira grounds out to end the inning. Boo.

Top of the second
The Bucs go down in order. Congratulations to Chad Gaudin for winning the fifth starter's job!

Bottom of the second
Ross Ohlendorf in for the Pirates now. A-Fraud is up. Boo. Oh, wait, he's not A-Fraud anymore, is he? Yay! He strikes out. Boo.

Marcus Thames up in his bid to make the team. Apparently, and this is the first time I've heard this, he is a former Yankee and he homered off Randy Johnson on the first pitch he saw in the majors. That's a really cool tidbit that I wish would be mentioned more frequently.

I'm assuming Thames and whoever was hitting after him made outs because now a commercial is on.

Top of the third
Sergio Mitre in now. He gets three ground ball outs, two to the Captain and one to A-Freud.

Bottom of the third
Nothing of note happened.

Top of the fourth
Mitre faces six Pirates and retires them all. That'd like retiring one Red Sock. Congratulations to Mitre on winning the fifth starter's job!

Bottom of the fourth
Ohlendorf out, Carrasco in. Jeter grounds out. Granderson and Teixiera are also both retired. Is it odd that until Michael Kay mentioned it just now I had no idea that Teixeira led the league in RBI last year?

Top of the fifth
Alfredo Aceves in now and he gives up a deep fly to the warning track in RF, where Jamie Hoffmann chases it down. Pretty nice play by Hoffmann. Is it Hoffmann, or Hoffman?

Another warning track fly ball, this time to LF and Gardner fights the sun and makes a nice catch himself. Hey Alfredo, those fly balls ain't gonna play in DNYS.

Ramiro Pena makes a good play on a hard grounder to second to end the frame.

Bottom of the fifth
I think this is the last inning I can blog, so how some runs?

Typical A-Rod, singling in a meaningless spring training game.

Randy Winn played basketball in college? I had no idea. Thames gets grazed by a pitch and the Yanks have two on with no outs, and here's Hoffmann. He grounds to second, moving the runners up.

TSBG gets a shot to drive in a run or two here. Gardner lines out to short and Francisco Cervelli grounds out to end the threat. This team stinks.

And with that, I'm out.

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