Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hardball Times: Introducing THT Forecasts

The Hardball Times released their 2010 forecasts today. Here's a list of what they've got.

- Oliver projections for the next six years for over 7,000 major and minor league players. These projections include hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics (the latter based on Brian Cartwright’s own play-by-play system), wins above replacement (WAR) projections, and coming soon, base running as well. You can read more about Oliver here.
- Raw statistics for the past three years, including all the statistical categories listed above.
- Major league equivalencies (MLEs) for the past three seasons, so you can see not just a player’s raw past statistics, but also how his numbers look adjusted for context.
- Depth chart projections to tell you just how much of an impact a player will make at the major league level this season.
- Over 1,300 player comments (and counting) from the best team bloggers on the internet, to give you a more subjective look at just about every player that matters.
- And all of the above, updated each and every week, from now until October.
- Plus, many more features, such as projected standings and personal player watch lists, with more to come very soon.

It costs $14.95 if you want to see all of them, but luckily for us, the Yankees forecasts are free. Unfortunately for us, I'm the guy who wrote the Yankee player comments, which means they're ridiculously biased. But you may want to check them out anyway.

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