Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NorthJersey.com: Brett Gardner off to races for Yankees

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Leading off Sunday’s third inning at Hammond Field, Brett Gardner made good on a spring training promise.

The Yankees’ speedy outfielder bunted for a single — an element to Gardner’s game that Joe Girardi wants to see more of this season. “That’s a weapon that he has to use,” the manager said.

Once on first base, Gardner displayed his ability to further disrupt a game by trying to steal second. Only this time, he had to outrun a mistake.

Twins veteran lefty Mike Maroth threw to first as Gardner bolted for second. Between the bases, Gardner slammed on the brakes and sprinted back to first base safely — narrowly avoiding the pursuit of shortstop Matt Tolbert.

On a team that is pretty much set everywhere, Gardner's one of the more interesting stories in camp this year. Really, if he can maintain the same offensive performance he had in 2009, he's a viable starter in LF.

BTW, sorry for the lack of meaningful posts lately, I'm dealing with some stuff that's cutting into my blogging time. I'm hoping to be able to start my player projections next week.

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