Friday, March 5, 2010


I didn't get home until the 7th inning, but I liked what I saw from some of our young guys.

I missed Montero's walk, but he showed good plate discipline when he was called out on strikes, laying off some close pitches and then got rung up on another borderline pitch. He looked fine on defense, too. He moved pretty slow laterally and popping out of the crouch, but I thought his receiving looked good and he did a good job using his body to keep the ball in front of him. It's only a couple innings and I wouldn't say it was any better than alright, but I can't say I saw anything that would make me take Posada's defense over his either -- admittedly, pretty low standards.

Vazquez -- not really young but whatever -- has a powerful swing. If only he had plate discipline... still, I think a team without playoff aspirations would be smart to give him a chance. He could hit for some serious power.

Corona showed some nice range to his left on a GB, and I'd like to see what his arm strength is like. Russo had a nice opposite field hit, hanging in on a breaking ball from a lefty.

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